Marine Logistics Optimisation

Plansea is developing sector leading software solutions to digitally transform offshore marine logistics. The software will provide the industry with the latest Vessel Sharing. Fleet Planning and Fleet Optimisation tools, aimed at improving efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, facilitating collaboration and delivering cost savings.

PlanSea Solutions was established in 2017 specifically to focus on providing operational management control, fleet optimisation and vessel scheduling software for the offshore oil and gas marine support sector both in the UK and internationally. PlanSea Solutions is a spin-out company from The Robert Gordon University and holds the exclusive licence for world-leading marine logistics artificial intelligence technology developed by the University.

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Emissions Reduction

Contributing to Net Zero by reducing the number of voyages and increasing efficiency.

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Fleet Planning

Enabling users to optimisation fleet profile and evaluate collaboration scenarios.

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Vessel Scheduling

Proving scheduling on a dynamic basis including the ability for capacity sharing.

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Identifying and delivering solutions to client specific needs.



Innovative new artificial intelligence-based software with the potential to streamline oil and gas industry logistics in the North Sea, saving millions of pounds and reducing CO2 emissions, is now under...

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Plansea was selected by the Net Zero Technology Centre as one of the innovative technology solutions for their showcase at COP26. Additionally, Plansea was featured in the Scottish Enterprise COP26 ‘Climate Ambition Zone’.


Report produced by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre's (OGTC) Digital Transformation Solution Centre in conjunction with The Robert Gordon University (RGU).
OEUK Supplychain Report 2023 (Case Study - Page 25)
Plansea Solutions Limited Jim Cargill

Jim Cargill

Chief Executive

Jim has spent forty years in the oil and gas industry primarily with offshore support base and maritime support companies. These include ASCo, Wood Group, SBS Logistics (now Petersen), OIL, Sea Oil Services, OSA do Brasil and Sea-Cargo.

Plansea Solutions Limited John McCall

John McCall


Professor John McCall has a global reputation and over 25 years experience in computational solutions to challenging industrial optimisation problems through the application of machine learning and data science.

Plansea Solutions Limited Olivier

Olivier Regnier-Coudert

Technical Adviser

Olivier obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Robert Gordon University in 2013. He remained at RGU as a senior research fellow with the Smart Data Technologies Centre and is now working as a data scientist at Airbus AI Research.

"working with the industry..."

As part of the industry’s digital transformation, Plansea is working with The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and operator participants BP, CNOOC International and Equinor to develop and field test marine logistics optimisation and scheduling software that promises to deliver meaningful increased efficiency and emission reductions.

Let's talk...

We can assist your digital transformation by providing AI-derived planning and optimisation solutions for your offshore logistics operations – using proven technology being specifically developed for the purpose in collaboration with industry stakeholders. This software has previously been successfully deployed in the telecommunications and road haulage sectors.

We can also work with you through consultancy to address client-specific needs.

Contact us to hear how we can help your organisation.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +44(0) 7514088766

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